Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Translation: A Good Way to Put Your Language Learning into Action

 photo credit: zinjixmaggir via photopin cc
Many people say languages are not important and at Mount Holyoke College it has been a topic that has had some debatable opinions. One reason languages are important is because the study of languages can open up many doors for people who continue to study them. One of the many professions available to languages learners is Translation/Interpretation.

There are various types of translating that one can do. The spectrum ranges from literary translation to technical translation. Unfortunately, Mount Holyoke College does not offer a major/minor for Translation but there are certain classes students can take through the Five College Consortium.

The University of Massachusetts (UMASS) offers various Translation and Interpretation courses for undergraduate and graduate students. They also have special certificates for students interested in Translation/Interpretation.

Outside of Mount Holyoke College and the Five College Consortium students can find translating information by joining the American Translators Association. This Association is for people interested in becoming a Professional Translator. The website offers resources and information for prospective translators/interpreters. Through this website students can also find out about the annual conferences hosted by ATA and perhaps attend them.

Here's a clip from the American Translators Association's 54th conference in San Antonio, Texas: