Tuesday, January 26, 2016

7 Things You May Not Know About the LRC

Welcome to the Language Resource Center (LRC)!

Whether this is your first time visiting or you come here regularly, you probably don't know all of the resources we provide. Here's a quick guide to some cool resources we offer that you may or may not know about!

1. Blankets

Do you like napping? Or perhaps do you have a really busy schedule and sometimes find yourself in need of a nap but are too far from your dorm? 

Students have always crashed on the couches in the library and elsewhere on campus, but here at the LRC we like to pride ourselves in having the most comfortable couches! We also now have blankets available! Just look under one of the tables in the lounge and there should be several blankets tucked underneath there for you to use.

2. Electronic Charger

Have you ever taken a break and relaxed in our lounge only to find that your cell phone or iPod is on low battery? No worries! We have a great electronic charger set up in the lounge now so that this won't be a problem for our patrons.

 It's located next to the TV in the lounge. As you can see, there are many chargers connected to it so that many different people with many different kinds of electronic devices can be helped at once!

3. Free Newspapers

If you've been a regular attendee of the LRC, you probably know that we have newspapers in several languages that are free for you to take (no check-out or return necessary!). 

However, for a long time they used to be hidden in the lab. Now they are at the end of the shelf on the right when you first walk into the LRC. Go ahead and browse and see if you can find a newspaper in your target language!


Seasoned patrons of the LRC may also be aware of this resource but may not know how to use it. SCOLA receives and re-transmits foreign TV programming from around the world. 

There are 8 channels available and we have a menu for what they are and when they broadcast right under the TV in the lounge. Feel free to tune into a channel whenever you want! (The TV controller should be on the desk beneath the TV screen).

5. Hole-Puncher & Pencil-Sharpener

These two things seem like necessities in a place like the LRC, but many students often don't seem to be aware of their location. They're both right next to each other on the reserve shelf (beside the consultant's/main desk). 

The hole-puncher may seem a bit strange, but to use it you just have to put in the paper you want to hole-punch and press the button. You'll hear a noise and voila~ your paper is hole-punched! (If you have any questions, feel free to ask the consultant working at the desk). 

6. Pimsleur

We offer many free language software in the LRC that are becoming more advertised as of late. However, Pimsleur still seems to be a bit in the shadows. We currently offer Pimsleur for French, German, and Italian (I, II, II for each language). 

They're in the shelf behind the reserve shelf (next to Room 6A). To check them out, just ask the consultant working at the main desk for the language you're interested in and she'll check it out to you (if it's currently available). 

7. Half-Sheets

Although half-sheets have been a part of the LRC for a while, they seem a bit hidden away and may go unnoticed for many students in the LRC. Half-sheets are halves of pieces of paper that quickly cover all the resources for whichever is your target language. 

So if you pick up a French Half-Sheet, it'll tell you everything we have available for you to check out/etc in French. These papers are free and are located in colorful folders next to Room 6F. 

Well, did you learn something new or did you already know all of that? Hopefully this has either been great help or a good review of some of our lesser-known or better-hidden resources here at the LRC. =)